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Why Stored Procedures? Pros and Cons

I had to learn Stored Procedures extensively some months ago and I've found that it is somewhat quite a debated topic in the software engineering world. While most I've found favors stored procedures, there are quite many devs who are not a supporter. It can get pretty confusing deciding whether or not you should go for them. So I decided to compile a list of pros and cons based on my research to help my fellow hackers out there. I'm not explaining what Stored Procedures are and how to write them. I will write a follow-up with what Stored Procedures are and how to write them in PL/PGSQL & PLPYTHONU. For now, you can take a look at the links I used for reference at the end of this article. **18+ Alert: I prefer to write in a frank tone so you may find some slang as you go in. Proceed with caution. Pros: The pros of stored procedures circle mainly around separating database interface from code layer and prevention of SQL injection. We'll discuss these two first and so

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